What is LCSC from the Moderator Frank Padilla (2 podcasts)

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L.I.F.T. Training Week (April 18-24, 2016)
January 29, 2016
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April 25, 2016

What is LCSC from the Moderator Frank Padilla (2 podcasts)

Here are the links to our two worldwide meetings:

First: Worldwide Meeting with Frank Padilla

Questions answered:
1:01:56 What can we do to raise a people with a passion for souls? (MALAWI)

1:08:47 LCSC is somehow accepted and embraced by the bishops in the Philippines. Some Australian Bishops are a bit adamant for some reason, would ‘bottom’ to ‘top’ strategy work?

1:15:14 How to help our members renew their personal experience of Jesus and contribute to build up a community transformed by the Holy Spirtit? (VIETNAM)

1:20:06 We regularly do the CLS here. We have started the LCSC as well. Which evangelization strategy should we focus more onto? The CLS or LCS? (ECUADOR)

1:26:50 it seems most parishes are taking care of the parishoners and less efforts in trying to reach out to people outside the church. Why is it that evangelization is not given much importance? (HK)

1:31:57 Within the CFC Community are brethren of background of religious conservatism. How does 1 bring out a change in the community alone to rid ourselves of cynicism, lethargy, reticence etc.? (INDIA)

1:40:12 With the rapid and massive call to evangelization, how do you see the relationship develop between CFCFFL and LCSC maybe 10 to 20 years form now? (THAILAND)

1:47:07 From your broad experience, can you please share strategies on how to make people (especially the young ministries) to love the mass and sacraments more (HK)

1:51:47 What strategies, methods, ideas do you have to maintain attendance levels at LCS ? (SLOVENIA)

1:59:58 Given the challenges and struggles of being followers and servants of Jesus, of trying to lead a life of holiness while leading others, and doing the work of evangelization, is it possible for CFC-FFL to have the involvement of more spiritual directors/priests for support, guidance and direction?

Second: Our Response to the New Evangelization: 2nd Worldwide Meeting with Frank Padilla

Questions answered:
1:06:17 Why is it that more than 50 years post the introduction of the charismatic renewal in the church there is still a resistance to the use of charismatic gifts in the Catholic Church?

1:11:56 Without looking at others’ failures, do you believe that the clergy also need personal conversion because we have seen a lack of missionary spirit in parishes?

1:14:28 For those wanting to go deeper into Church teachings is there a forum for these for CFC FFL members or would-be LCS graduates?

1:25:46 Do you think No One In Need, when it is full blown, will affect our membership? How can we avoid it?

1:34:42 In one Parish, our community is always invited to present Mystagogy to RCIA candidates using the works of CFC FFL, would it help (and spice up their conversion) to mention LCSC?

1:38:02 Which part of the LCS talks can be delegated to non-CFC FFL members, such as parish priests? Can non-clergy give talks as well?

1:44:48 A disturbing trend in North America is a lot of parishes are embracing the ALPHA course. Any comment on this?

1:49:45 How is LCSC funded? Explanation of Gideon 300 (to join email fapcfc@gmail.com ).

1:53:01 Prayers needed for the LIFT Training week ( www.facebook.com/LIFThigh )

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