Ushering into the new millennium, today’s society has slowly become tolerant of liberal ideas. Former beliefs on sex, relationships, and purity have been gravely misshapen by the media, creating a consciousness that is, in one way or another, void of true Christian value. With the surge of Western ideas creeping into our youth pop culture (by way of the digital era), it suddenly became widely accepted among young people to rush into all sorts of intimacy with the opposite sex. Media has portrayed premarital sex as liberating, fulfilling and without negative consequences. Thus, debasing the true value of sex and promoting a sexually promiscuous lifestyle. Statistics will reveal to you staggering rates of teen pregnancies, abortion and STD even in a Catholic country like the Philippines.

With all these things happening around us, we cannot just sit around and do nothing. We have to bring forth to everyone God’s view and intended purposes for love and sexuality. Simply put, we are all called to live pure. This calling goes beyond our membership to the community for it is intrinsic to us being sons and daughters of God. To live a pure lifestyle is our way to holiness. Thus, the mission of Live Pure should be ingrained in the lives of young men and women everywhere.

Live Pure is a movement that promotes and defends the culture of LIFE. This is not just a passing advocacy defined by the signs of the times, but rather, to Live Pure is our identity. Our passion to Live Pure is the root of who we are and what we do. We breathe, we move, we think and we exist to Live Pure!

The program of Live Pure for the workplace has the following specific objectives at hand:

1. To promote a Live Pure lifestyle among the young professionals today.
2. To hold Live Pure formation sessions, workshops and.
3. To encourage the young professionals in the workplace to join the world-wide movement enjoining young men and women standing and living up for the cause of chastity and purity.

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