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No One in Need (NONe) is a Catholic movement responding to the call of living a preferential option for the poor. It responds to a call to build not only social communities, but spiritual communities. It responds to be a blessing to the closest neighbor.

NONe believes in this, “less for self, more for others, enough for all”. The movement has this vision and mission:


No one in need. Every Catholic is helping the least of their brethren, living out the spirit of the first Christian community where they shared things in common.


To share the work to every parish. The Goal is to provide a sustainable community, where there is NO ONE IN NEED.

NONe brings out these vision and mission through it’s different ministries namely: Community Development, Livelihood, Cooperatives, Education (EFI – Educational Foundation Incorporated), Prison, Health and Migrants.

The movement also responds to areas struck by calamities by providing relief operation and it believes in the spirit of volunteerism through partners and individuals who are willing to share what they can. It believes that more than anything else, it’s about having the heart for sharing and giving to those in need.

Amongst its different ministries is the Community Development. One of the basic needs of people is having a house. NONe dreams for those in need not just to have a house, but to have a home, and that could be achieved by focusing on “Community Life”. The family is the basic unit of society and it is where the foundation of many things in life such as love should be experienced. But there is so much more to experience and learn and that is through other people who live nearby one’s home. NO1N believes that this is possible by allowing them to learn the spirit of love and giving through each other.

Community Development as a program of NONe is being implemented in Restoration Villages, Mission Villages and Member Housing Initiatives.

There are 6 programs for Community Development namely: Shelter, Health, Education, Livelihood, Environment and Community Life. Under Community Life is a program that focuses on the youth and kids. This program is called the “Kids and Youth Development” program.

In building a community, it is very important to give attention to the welfare of the kids and the youth. We always say that they are the future of our world, and so therefore, giving efforts for their growth within the community is worth investing in. Their lives go beyond their families. As we dream that they will find their place in the outside world, the best place to learn many things will not just be in their schools, but at the same time in their community.

In response to its vision and advocacy, No One in Need works through a collaborative effort to pool funds, skills and other resources and calls it Partnership. Through this initiative, NONe is able to share its mission work of poverty eradication to different sectors of the community. It partners with corporate companies, dioceses, nonprofit organizations, schools and individuals in helping the needy, by means of funding and volunteerism support.

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