December 29, 2012
December 29, 2012




      LCSC will bring about 3 major aspects that will be crucial for the New Evangelization.

(1) Mainstreaming Catholic lay evangelization.

The harvest is rich but the laborers are few. These laborers can only come from the laity, the sleeping giant of the Church. But the majority of Catholics are nominal or lapsed. Many of those who are not nominal are not cognizant of their right and duty to participate in the work of evangelization. The hierarchy looks to the laity as workers, but is unable to mobilize the greater majority.

It might even be said that generally, the predominant thinking is that the hierarchy takes care of the spiritual while the laity takes care of the social. We know that the laity has full dignity as baptized persons to participate in the life and mission of the Church, but in practice this participation is limited and unappreciated, or perhaps is seen as an unknown equation.

LCSC will do systematic, sustained, deliberate, committed, unrelenting re-evangelization. Its goal is to ultimately bring every Catholic into a vibrant relationship with Jesus and live a Spirit-empowered life of holiness and discipleship.

(2) Integrating the domestic church, the local church, the particular church and the universal Church, that is, the family, the parish, the diocese and the worldwide Church.

LCSC strengthens the family, the basic unit of society and of the Church. At the same time, it looks to the local church as a family of families, and situates its work within the parish. It seeks to eliminate the tension between autonomous trans-parochial associations and the parish.

LCSC is localized, but is also missionary, which is a fundamental characteristic of the Church. With parishes as bases, it seeks to do rapid, massive and worldwide evangelization. Its vision is both micro and macro, neatly integrating the two. It is parish-based without having a parochial mentality.

(3) Merging the spirituality and experience of the new ecclesial movement with the institutional Church, thus harmonizing the charismatic and the institutional/hierarchical.

For some years now, both popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have encouraged the acceptance by bishops and priests of new ecclesial movements, the new reality raised by the Holy Spirit for the life and work of the Church for this third millennium. However, there is still a lot of strain, tension, misunderstanding, searching for a modus vivendi, and working at cross purposes. LCSC hopefully can bridge the gap.

LCSC safeguards lay charism while being closely supervised by the hierarchy. As a lay movement based in the parish, the Church herself takes ownership, but leaves it up to the laity to step up to the plate in the fullness of her life and mission. LCSC works within the structures and strictures of the parish, but continues to be led by the Holy Spirit.

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