April 19, 2014

they doubted

April 19, 2014 The women told the eleven disciples that Jesus had been raised. Then when they themselves “saw him, they worshiped, but they doubted.” (Mt […]
April 18, 2014

handing Jesus over

HANDING JESUS OVER April 18, 2014 In his third prediction of his passion, Jesus said to his disciples, “the Son of Man will be handed over […]
April 18, 2014

what Jesus has done for us

During Lent we look more closely at the suffering and death of Jesus, which we as Christians all know about. But for many Christians, it is […]
April 17, 2014

not all of you are clean

Jesus said to his disciples, “Not all of you are clean.” (Jn 13:11b). Jesus says the same thing to us. And this Lent, we have a […]