2nd LIFT Training Week: August 29 to September 3, 2016

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May 2, 2016
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2nd LIFT Training Week: August 29 to September 3, 2016

The very first LIFT Training Week conducted last April was a very Spirit-filled event that really helped the participants to more fully appreciate and be inspired by LCSC. There were a total of 52 participants from 12 countries, including 6 priests and 2 nuns. Here are some of their comments.

Tim Alviz, USA: “This was indeed a very comprehensive training. I wish it was presented this way when I first heard about LCSC. It would have eliminated a lot of confusion and questions.”

MJ Daluz, Hong Kong: “The LIFT Training was alarming, overwhelming and hopeful. Alarming as to the tsunami of evil; overwhelming as to the response of LCSC, the massive work ahead for each one of us; hopeful for the next generation.”

Menchie Donato, HFL: “The LIFT Training moved me to action because the call is that urgent.”
Mike & Agnes Guillema, Australia: “The LIFT Training was the most extensive training that we have ever attended. This has helped us so much to carry out the LCSC movement. This is what we needed to be aware of the massive work of evangelization that has to be done. God has touched our innermost being to become our brothers’ keepers to 99 lost sheep.”
Manny Hermano, USA: “It is a great way especially for those in the clergy and religious orders to learn about our work on the New Evangelization.”
Mike Jaramillo, European Council Director: “My attending the LIFT Training has clarified many things regarding LCSC. I came to see the whole picture of LCSC in the work of New Evangelization.”
Rey Macusi, USA: “It was very informative and I am a bit overwhelmed at the massiveness of the work but if the 12 apostles did it, then with God’s grace we can do it.”
Linda Mendoza, USA: “Very informative. I got a lot from the experience. More confident that I can present the LCSC concept very well.”
Sr Aida Virtudez, Palawan: “It is a blessing for me to have attended the LIFT training. Now we are more equipped and committed to the challenge of New Evangelization through the LCSC.”
John Peter Vui, Country Servant for Vietnam: “We have discovered the full vision and mission of LCSC through the talks and sharings. And we are blessed, for finding a great means to work for the New Evangelization.”
Ben Waga, USA: “Certainly a valuable experience that will help us in our work on LCSC. The LCSC Master Plan is truly the plan of the Master.”
Boy Yap, USA: “The LIFT Training was very helpful in opening my eyes to the tremendous work ahead and how little I have done in the New Evangelization, but thanks to the LIFT Training I feel I am more equipped to tackle the tasks. I highly recommend it to all our brothers and sisters.”
Here are comments submitted on anonymous feedback forms:
  – We now have better knowledge, understanding about LCSC and its connection to the 4 pillars, including the vision.
  – Very Comprehensive, very well presented, methodology excellent.
  – Contents and training very informative. Powerpoint slides helped a lot.
  – Very enlightening and powerful! Uplifting!
  – The course was full of life, joy and active participation.
  – Training offered a wholistic view and the program was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit!
  – For a 1st run, the Training was excellent.
  – Am now able to connect the dots, gained more self-confidence, speakers were well prepared.
Nonong Contreras, Apostolic Board Chair and part of the LIFT team, had this to say: “It was awesome seeing our foreign brethren affected by the movings of the Spirit and our own brethren surprised at the richness and variety of LIFT offerings at our disposal for purposes of evangelization.”
The LIFT Training was indeed a big help. I am thus pleased to announce the 2nd LIFT Training Week, which will be held in Manila on August 29 to September 3. The fee is still US$200 per person. Participants should try to arrive on or before August 28. Please start to inform those whom you think would benefit from this training.
Please look for and invite potential champions for the work of LCSC.
God bless.
“For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” (Phil 1:21)

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